VIDEO: Ken Griffey Jr. Documentary Trailer Proves We're About to Get the Film We Deserve

MLB Network is set to air a Ken Griffey Jr. documentary this weekend.
MLB Network is set to air a Ken Griffey Jr. documentary this weekend. /

ESPN's "Long Gone Summer' documentary began garnering hype immediately after its first teaser trailer approximately one month ago while "The Last Dance" was still sweeping the nation. The premiere of the highly-anticipated "30 for 30" doc came and went on Sunday night, and the consensus reaction is that it left viewers wanting more. Well, in perfectly-timed fashion, MLB Network just revealed that its set to air a Ken Griffey Jr. documentary entitled "Junior" this upcoming weekend, and we can't contain our excitement.

A look back at the career of one of the most beloved players in baseball history on the heels of a two-hour home run montage about two of the most polarizing sluggers known to man that lacked real storytelling? Count us IN.

The trailer indicates that "Junior" will center around Griffey's love for the sport and what made him so magnetizing from a fan perspective. Considering that Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa violated the integrity of the game by taking performance-enhancing drugs -- and that "Long Gone Summer" didn't contain a real thrill factor -- this is exactly what baseball purists need.

Tune in for highlights of The Kid's unbelievably smooth and enthralling swing. His rise to superstardom and Hall of Fame status will live on forever, and Sunday night really cannot come soon enough.