MLB Insider Joel Sherman Teases Surprising New Rule Change for 2020 Season

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Francisco Giants
Ex-San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner laying down the bunt. | Stephen Lam/Getty Images

If you're a fan of National League baseball, you may want to turn away briefly.

If and when the 2020 MLB season resumes play, after clearance from prominent health officials and (fingers crossed!) a fair deal for both sides in terms of compensation, the game will be a complete breeding ground for potential future rule changes.

Playoffs will be expanded, divisions will be tinkered with, and -- according to Joel Sherman -- you'll see a universal DH across both leagues.

Sherman included this little nugget in his passionate plea, posted Sunday, for the players' association and ownership group to put aside their financial differences for the greater good of the game.

As part of the owners' latest proposal, per Sherman, they'll be offering a revenue split, as well as more jobs for sluggers by expanding the DH to the National League. This is absolutely the first we're hearing about this.

Out of all the potential experiments involved in an 82-game season, this is the one we can see growing both popular and inevitable. Pitchers hitting is a fun curiosity, but it's certainly no great example of the "strategic genius" of the senior circuit, even if fans of a certain age want you to lean that way.

If the three-batter rule is possible, anything is possible.