MLB Insider Bob Nightengale Posts Tone Deaf Tweet About 2020 All-Star Game That Misses Every Point

Bob Nightengale is focused on the MLB All-Star Game when no one else is.
Bob Nightengale is focused on the MLB All-Star Game when no one else is.

As the MLB season sits in question, many things hold a bit more significance than the All-Star Game. From health and safety to player salaries, there are reasons baseball is not on our television screens at the moment.

But amid those concerns, Bob Nightengale thought that it was important to discuss the All-Star Game. While everyone knows it not happening, or even a concern, Nightengale tweeted about it anyway, and fans had some fun with it.

You can understand that MLB writers want topics to discuss as their sport sits on hiatus, but the All-Star Game should certainly not be one of them. While it may not be cancelled, there is no doubt the game will not be taking place this year at its scheduled time and by no means should even be discussed.

Nightengale has been active in commenting and reporting on much of the MLB's latest drama, including the coronavirus and Rob Manfred, but this tweet comes off as insensitive to the league's current condition.

While Nightengale's comment may be a bit obvious, you cannot blame him for attempting to provide some information about the MLB in a time where people have become fatigued by the ongoing debate.

Still, the All-Star Game is of little concern to us, Bob.