MLB Execs Believe Astros Were Using Electronic Buzzer on Players' Bodies to Communicate Stolen Signs

Houston Astros v Milwaukee Brewers
Houston Astros v Milwaukee Brewers / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Houston Astros weren't just cheating, they were on a mission to show everyone across baseball just how to cheat. According to some anonymous MLB executives, the Astros were potentially using buzzers to give batters an unfair advantage.

The latest rumor circulating among executives and scouts states that if Houston's network of cameras were able to pick up on what pitch was coming, they would send a buzz to a player's wristband to relay the information.

This, of course, is if the players didn't hear the dugout banging on trash cans to signal an off-speed pitch.

Picking up on clearly tipped pitches is one thing, but using experimental technology like this is nothing short of a crime against baseball. This wouldn't be the least bit unexpected if proven true. If anything, it'll blow the lid off this entire scandal.

There is a non-zero chance the Astros were using James Bond tech in order to steal signs. Even if this is later found out to be nothing but a bunch of hearsay, Houston has lost all benefit of the doubt.