MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Actually Talks About Possibility of There Being No Baseball Season

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred / Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Until we start seeing the number of coronavirus cases in the United States begin to dwindle, you really shouldn't begin to ponder when live sports will return. With cases (and unfortunately deaths) growing in number with each passing day, there really doesn't appear to be an end in sight to this sports hiatus.

In regards to the MLB season, commissioner Rob Manfred is keeping all of his cards on the table. As much as he would love to get the 2020 campaign underway, the 61-year-old acknowledged during an interview with ESPN's Scott Van Pelt that cancelling the season is a real possibility.

"I think that if in fact the situation with respect to the virus is such that it's not safe to resume play, whether it's in alternate sites, empty stadiums, whatever it is, we have to accept that as a reality," said Manfred.

It's worth noting that this interview doesn't confirm anything, but Manfred's worst fears are being recognized as this pandemic continues to spread throughout the nation. Preparing for the worst-case scenario is simply the responsible thing to do at this stage.

And don't get led astray by Manfred's optimistic closing quote. He wasn't referring to the 2020 season in particular. The MLB will not return until its given the OK from health experts. Given the current state of the country, that is the absolute last thing on the minds of medical professionals.