Missouri Politician Shares Incredible Story About Patrick Mahomes' Generosity

This story about Patrick Mahomes highlights his standup character.
This story about Patrick Mahomes highlights his standup character. / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes has endeared himself to the Kansas City Chiefs faithful with his stellar play on the field. In his brief time in the NFL, he's taken the team to back-to-back AFC Championship Games and the franchise's first Super Bowl since 1969.

But in addition to his success on the gridiron, Mahomes has also proven himself to be a true role model, as is exemplified by Missouri politician Jason Kander's story about the quarterback's giving spirit.

According to Kander, the Missouri Secretary of State from 2013 to 2017, Mahomes and his girlfriend went to dinner at a local pizza place a few weeks ago in Kansas City.

The two ate their dinner unharassed by their fellow diners, and when they stood up to leave the restaurant, Mahomes thanked the patrons for letting him and his girlfriend enjoy their dinner, saying "This is why I love Kansas City. You guys are awesome."

It was then revealed that they had paid the bill for each table in the restaurant.

The story is truly a testament to Mahomes' standup character. He's a good football player and an even better human being, and it's nice to see his generosity on full display.