Milwaukee Brewers Commit to Paying Employees Though Season in All-Time Good Guy Move

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee Brewers alternate cap | Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Kudos to the Milwaukee Brewers top brass. Currently, the MLB season is still on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving plenty of league and team employees in danger of losing their jobs. Thankfully, the Brewers are not going to let their employees go uncared for.

In a powerful move, news broke Friday afternoon that the Brewers will be paying all baseball operations employees for the rest of the season, avoiding any furloughs.

Money is drying up around the league, as without games teams are lacking their source of revenue. The Brewers are in the same tough position as every MLB team is, but instead of furloughing employees, they will be asking top executives to take pay cuts to be able to pay lower income workers.

Other teams have not done the same. On Tuesday, Travis Williams, president of the Brewers division rivals the Pittsburgh Pirates, announced some business-operations employees will be furloughed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Multiple teams, such as the Chicago Cubs, have announced they will trying to avoid furloughs, but have not guaranteed anything beyond June. For most teams, the goal is just to make it to July, when hopes are that the MLB will return in some form.

The Milwaukee Brewers will be paying their employees, regardless of if the season is saved or not. That comes as a breath of fresh air in a time where most of the news surrounding sports is becoming increasingly negative. Thank you Brewers, for doing good by your employees.