Mike Tyson Receives Massive Offer to Fight in Bare Knuckle FC and Let's Forget How Old He is

Mike Tyson might be getting back in the fight game
Mike Tyson might be getting back in the fight game / Handout/Getty Images

Mike Tyson might be 53 years old and approaching two decades removed from the last time he got in the ring, but Bare Knuckle FC might be here to lure the iconic former champ out of retirement.

The bareknuckle fighting organization is set to present the former heavyweight champ with a $20 million offer to get back in the ring.

The sudden resurgence in the belief that Tyson could come back into the ring in his advanced age was sparked by a recent video that went viral. In it, Iron Mike looked practically as quick and as powerful as he did in his 20s, laying down some thunderous blows on his sparring partner that could easily knock someone out if they connected.

If anyone can defy the odds and continue to box at a high level into his 50s (well, expect for the ageless Bernard Hopkins), Tyson certainly proved he has the punching power. If he takes this deal, Tyson gets a cool $20 million while getting one last chance to crack a guy's skull open.