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Michigan State Alumni Increasingly Worried About Spartans Fans' NSFW Chant

LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 17: Helmets of the Michigan State Spartans during the game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Memorial Stadium on November 17, 2018 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Michigan State v Nebraska | Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

As if watching Brian Lewerke play quarterback wasn't punishment enough for the alumni of Michigan State, they now they have to sit through a game while 50,000 drunk college kids are projecting NFSW war cries at various opponents for the entire contest.

MSU fans have eschewed any sort of complicated chant and have resorted to simply yelling "eff you" at the opposing team at Spartan Stadium (but in the profane way). And various groups with vested interests in the program are concerned.

"That particular chant was the most egregious that we've heard in the five years we've been attending," said Chad Sanders, who has been going to games for five seasons, per the Lansing State Journal. "My wife and I were both like, are you serious? It's really reflecting poorly on the school. That's not who we are."

After weeks of complaints from concerned former Spartans like Sanders, the athletic department finally issued a statement condemning the chants.

"Sportsmanship is a top priority, including positive behavior throughout the stadium," said athletics spokesman Matt Larson. "We are continually looking for ways to add additional positive opportunities for fans, specifically students, to participate in and positively impact the gameday experience for all."

The odds that thousands of college students decide en masse to stop this based on one or two statements from the school is unlikely. In fact, they're more liable to double down merrily.

But at least it's a step, and proves that the Spartan brass consider this a problem.

As hard as it may seem, there is a G-rated way to boo the other team while supporting your own, folks.