Jim Harbaugh Definitely Doesn't Want Fans in Stadiums so Michigan Stands a Chance on the Road

Jim Harbaugh
Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh | Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Jim Harbaugh era at Michigan has been a tad disappointing. While he restored the Wolverines' status as an elite Big Ten program, he has consistently failed to get them over the hump against other elite teams in the conference.

Harbaugh's road struggles are most prominent -- he's just 1-7 on the road against ranked opponents. He's been a major proponent of playing games with no fans in the stands due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we can't help but wonder if that's because he wants a better shot at the Big Ten elite on the road.

Well, duh, Jim, we'd prefer that too.

Harbaugh had the opportunity to pull off season-changing wins against Wisconsin and Penn State on the road. He was embarrassed in the former and handily defeated in the other.

He might be tacitly admitting the only way Michigan stands a chance against these teams is if they can play without crowd noise making things more difficult.

Whenever Harbaugh goes on the road, the Wolverines start to wilt under the spotlight. Without 100,000 fans in the stands to disrupt the quarterback, maybe he'll finally stand a chance and pull off the upset.