VIDEO: Michigan Marching Band Member Plays Drums While Upside Down During Halftime Show

Sometimes, the most memorable moments of a sporting event don't happen on the field, but on the sideline. From Drake getting hyped at Raptors games to crazy brawls between rival fans at football venues, these moments will never be forgotten. Now, it looks like Michigan's marching band has entered this conversation thanks to a new and instantly viral clip.

At the Wolverines' game against Iowa on Saturday in Ann Arbor, the marching band came on the field at halftime to perform as they always do-- but to everyone's surprise, one of the drummers was held upside-down while performing a solo. Surprisingly, he actually did a very good job considering he likely lost most of the circulation in his body by the end of it.

This was definately an top moment for the Michigan band, though nothing will top Villanova's crying piccolo girl from the NCAA Tournament a few years back.

The poor girl was forced to play after a the Wildcats' devastating loss to NC State. Thankfully, she fought through the adversity and took care of business.

In every respect, the show must go on.

The upside-down drummer has a long way to go before even being considered in the same class as Piccolo Girl. But he should keep trying.