Michael Jordan Releases Statement Amid George Floyd Protests Nationwide

Former Chicago Bulls star and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan
Former Chicago Bulls star and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan / FRANCK FIFE/Getty Images

NBA legend Michael Jordan has released a statement following the death of George Floyd, and it marks a huge reversal in public-facing behavior from earlier in his career. Jordan is known for keeping quiet on political issues, but following the death of yet another unarmed black man at the hands of the police, MJ has spoken out.

On Sunday, as tensions continue to rise and protestors march in cities across the country, Michael Jordan released a statement on the matter.

Jordan's stance is a huge shift from his comments on politics during his time as an NBA player. In 1990, when Harvey Gantt was running to be the first black congressman in Jordan's home state of North Carolina, he refused to endorse him publicly. Jordan was instead quoted as saying, "Republicans buy sneakers, too", choosing business success over making a political impact.

Jordan's statement shows a ton of growth from a figure who was once harshly criticized for shying away from serious political issues. Police brutality is a deeply impactful and extremely serious issue in the United States, and seeing role models like MJ speak out on it is important in helping spark action.

As protests continue to grow across the United States, athletes continue to share their voices, and amplify others working for change. Seeing an unexpected statement from Michael Jordan was a great addition, but more than words is needed. Hopefully, Jordan and others back up their words with actions in order to help make change in America.