Michael Jordan's Fishing Boat Caught the GOAT of Freaking Huge Marlins

Michael Jordan caught a monster fish.
Michael Jordan caught a monster fish. /

When basketball Hall of Famer and Hornets owner Michael Jordan is not sitting in NBA owners’ meetings, he likes to spend his time being competitive in any way possible. Most recently, MJ was spotted doing some fishing.

While on the water, Jordan made one of the biggest catches we've ever seen -- even the producers of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” would be impressed.

Yes, the boat caught a 440+-pound blue marlin at Big Rock in North Carolina and reeled it up for the people on the dock to see. MJ still was not impressed, though, as he stated he wants to up the stakes and catch an even bigger fish next time.

Fans already seemed to have discovered the main reason why Jordan was able to make such a big catch on the water. As it turns out, it was a nemesis of his who decided to make MJ “take it personally.”

With Jordan’s competitive nature, who knows what the GOAT will catch next? Or what the fish said to get him so riled up? If he has more time on his hands, then MJ will definitely look to top his 442.3-pound blue marlin.