Micah Parsons taking a shot at Jalen Hurts was a foolish decision

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Micah Parsons is probably going to regret this. When talking about the MVP hype surrounding quarterback Jalen Hurts, he didn't hesitate in saying it's more about the Eagles as a whole than Hurts for Philly's success.

What? Hurts is in the middle of an amazing year and he's hurt teams with both his strong arm and wheels. Apparently that's not enough for Parsons.

Hurts couldn't care less about Parsons' comments, as he's more focused on the upcoming matchup with the Chicago Bears. Parsons is trying to help the Cowboys make some noise in the playoffs, but the last thing he should do is give Hurts some bulletin-board material.