The end of Chris Paul's NBA tenure may not be quite as sad as we anticipated the moment he arrived in the barren desert of draft pick-laden OKC.

As it turns out, Houston had attempted to add a third team to their Westbrook deal with the Thunder in order to offload CP3 to a more favorable situation.

And that situation might yet be Miami, a city that embraces stars like few NBA landscapes.

Of course, the Heat would likely need a first-rounder from the Thunder to make the acquisition of such a monster contract palatable, depleting their recent stock just a tiny bit.

It would be kind to Paul, who did nothing in this scenario to merit being shipped to a rebuilding situation to clear a spot for the 2017 NBA MVP in H-Town.

We'll see if the Heat, a team that many thought were the preferred (and most likely) destination for Westbrook, choose to recover by adding a far older point guard.

Turns out, Westbrook wanted to reunite with Harden all along, if possible. And it was entirely possible! Just not with a third squad and preferable destination for Paul on board, too.