Marlins Leading the Way in Taking Care of Minor Leaguers Makes the Rest of the MLB Look Terrible

The Miami Marlins have paid their minor leaguers
The Miami Marlins have paid their minor leaguers / Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Miami Marlins are usually among the last teams to know anything in the MLB. Considering how they are seemingly afraid of success given their fire sales whenever they get anything sustainable on the field -- and the fact they were only team to lose money during the 2019 season -- Miami rarely makes moves other teams should emulate.

But on Wednesday, for the first time in forever, Miami is a trendsetter. The Marlins agreed to pay all of their minor league players until August, which essentially takes up the entire 2020 minor league season, amid the coronavirus pandemic. They're the first team publicly known to have made this decision.

With all of these billionaire owners floating around the MLB, it's the plucky Marlins who have decided to pay all of their minor leaguers.

This makes 29 other owners look awfully greedy.

Players notice stuff like this. If the Marlins want to become a hot destination for free agents one day in the (probably distant) future, acts like this one show that Derek Jeter and the rest of the higher-ups on South Beach are a cut above the rest.

Hopefully more teams follow the Marlins' lead, as Miami's sudden burst of generosity might be a sign that the previously inept, miserly franchise could be turning over a new leaf.