Melvin Gordon Has Highly Slick Response to LeSean McCoy Signing With Chiefs

Melvin Gordon is about to get someone.

Though the Los Angeles Chargers finally allowed his representation to explore potential trades on Saturday, Gordon now knows LA is desperate for a running back to open the campaign.

This general vibe was only solidified by LeSean McCoy signing with their division rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs, and spurning LA in the process. And it seems like Gordon thinks that may have upped the volume on the ticking clock in the Chargers' front office.

So far, most Chargers fans seem supportive in Gordon's quest for "that bread," knowing full well he's in a tough spot here.

Though Le'Veon Bell's quest last season was often mischaracterized as a selfish attempt to put himself above the roster, Bell simply realized that he had a limited window to be treated properly. Same with Gordon, and he might have inched closer to the finish line on something positive as the clock struck midnight.

Tick tick, Chargers.