Matt Rhule Contract Details Are Absurd and a Major Gamble for Panthers

Matt Rhule
Then-Baylor coach Matt Rhule vs Oklahoma | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

For a first-time NFL head coach, Matt Rhule hit the jackpot.

In David Tepper's first head coach hiring process, the Panthers owner made sure option No. 1 couldn't leave the table without duffle bags full of money in both hands. Rhule might make for a great coaching story -- previously over-performing at Temple before restoring a once-great program in Baylor. Now, he's hit paydirt. Quite literally, in fact.

Matt Rhule Contract Details

First time HC in the pros, eh? Here's...THIS!

Sometime during bowl season, Rhule surpassed the likes of Lincoln Riley as the most coveted coach in the college game, and to lure him out of a very safe situation in Waco, Tepper had to give the 44-year-old an offer he couldn't refuse. Unfortunately, it could come back to haunt the franchise as well.

Tepper isn't struggling for money, as his net worth is over $12 billion, good for the penny-for-penny richest owner in the NFL. But the time commitment and financial incentive the Panthers are allotting a first-time NFL head coach remains dangerous, especially for a roster that's used to the experienced coaching mind of Ron Rivera. Rhule is the opposite, despite his college success, and will be learning on the job while counting Tepper's money.

If Rhule can build Carolina back up into a Super Bowl contender, he'll be well worth the money. Until then, however, we have the right to ogle at his bi-monthly direct deposit numbers. Holy cow.