Matt Carpenter's Emotional Tweet Reminds us We Even Miss the Bad Things About Baseball

Matt Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals gets emotional.
Matt Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals gets emotional. /

We never thought we'd get to this place, but the absence of baseball has us feeling so empty we'd even sign up for the worst the sport has to offer right now.

A bases-loaded walk in a 13-1 game in 98 degree heat? Sign me up. I'd pay you $200 to watch a bunt get fouled off.

Luckily, we're not alone in these thoughts. Cardinals infielder Matt Carpenter misses even baseball's low points right now, and we're inclined to agree with him.

Yes, even batting gloves, and coming from a bare-knuckled king, that means a lot.

Of course, Carpenter's faithful miss the good things about the game, as well.

Yeah, we'd rather watch a quality AB than sit through a rain delay. But don't get us wrong, we'll take anything.

If the 2020 MLB season is able to start, Carpenter's value will increase exponentially -- with the implementation of the universal DH seemingly very likely, you can add another position where his versatility can be exploited, while squeezing an extra bat into St. Louis' order. No days off, indeed.