Marcus Stroman Murders Aubrey Huff With a Trident After Latest Ridiculous Comment Directed at Him

Marcus Stroman savaged Aubrey Huff on Twitter
Marcus Stroman savaged Aubrey Huff on Twitter /

New York Mets starting pitcher Marcus Stroman didn't work out with the team ahead of MLB's expected restart on the 23rd, and the always-reviled Aubrey Huff used this as a chance to parrot more ramblings about being a social justice warrior, which really fired Stroman up.

Stroman, who has gone after Huff in the past, wasn't going to let the former Giant call him a social justice warrior without getting a few licks of his own in, even going so far as to call Huff "Karen" and "Audrey" before insisting he redirect his "Twitter energy" to his "neglected" family.

Sheesh. Stroman even brought Huff's family into the discussion. You can tell those words hit Stroman where it hurt.

Some might say Stroman went too far, but this is Huff we're talking about. He'll probably accuse Stroman of worse by the end of the week. If Huff has made it clear that he's perfectly OK with a post-baseball life full of grifting and shouting into an echo chamber, Stroman should be allowed to call him out.

Some might call it a layup to keep dunking on someone as innately mockable as Huff, but Stroman's destruction of the former Giants and Rays infielder deserves credit for being so vicious and unapologetic.