Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman has not made himself many fans in the Boston Red Sox dugout. Now, the vitriol towards Stroman has made its way to the Boston commentary booth.

During Sunday's NESN broadcast between the Red Sox and Blue Jays, Stroman struck out Eduardo Nunez, screamed, and stared down the Boston dugout. Color commentator and former MLB star Dennis Eckersley called Stroman's celebrations "tired."

Word got to Stroman, who replied to a tweet containing Eck's soundbite, calling his comments "trash."

In case you never watched Eckersley play, he always carried a chip on his shoulder, and if you were a batter, and he struck you out, he let you know about it. Fist pumps, stare-downs and all. That's what makes this whole episode a head-scratcher.

That's not lost on Stroman.

The wonderful @PitchingNinja Twitter account posted a video of Eckersley pitching back in the day, wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Stroman would comment on that as well, calling Eckersley a "hypocrite."

Eckersley was obviously peeved by Stroman's actions on the mound, and the Blue Jays starting pitcher let it be known that he was no fan of his, either. Given the pride coursing through both of these guys, don't expect this hatchet to be buried in short order.