Marcus Smart Calls Out Boston Fans for Overdoing it With the Kyrie Irving Slander

Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Boston Celtics fans have been relentless with their Kyrie Irving criticism, and it's not hard to figure why. They've been so harsh, however, that even their own players are getting sick of it.

When asked about Kyrie after Boston's loss to the Nets on Friday, guard Marcus Smart had finally had enough, calling out the reporters and fans who kept bringing up his name.

Smart, despite being a former teammate of Irving's, would prefer to move on. The Nets played the Celtics in Boston on Wednesday, and despite Kyrie not playing due to an injury, the whole building made sure to let him know what they thought of him.

This incentivized Irving to publish an Instagram post voicing his thoughts on how athletes are treated.

The rest of his Boston teammates clearly feel similarly on the subject, harboring no hard feelings and preferring want to move on and stop talking about it at length.

All these guys have a valid point. If they literally played with each other and aren't holdoing onto ill will, shouldn't the rest of us do the same?

Food for thought.