VIDEO: Marcus Peters and Jalen Ramsey Separated in Heated Postgame Exchange After Rams vs Ravens

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters had a perfect homecoming against Jalen Ramsey and the Los Angeles Rams, as Peters snagged an interception and beat his old team 45-6 in their house. Peters, notorious for running his mouth, gave Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey, one of the league's best trash talkers, an earful after the Rams barely put up a fight against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

Peters was allegedly chirping about how the Ravens' win is likely the death knell for LA's playoff hopes given how tough the NFC is.

Not wanting to be made a fool of in his home stadium, Ramsey was waiting for Peters in the tunnel, but a Rams staff member held him back and prevented things from getting physical.

That's certainly more intensity than he showed on the field tonight.

Ramsey and Peters both talk the talk, but the pair of them, ESPECIALLY Peters, are more than willing to throw some hands if that's what needs to be done. It's a good thing someone held Ramsey back, or this could have gotten really ugly.