Manny Pacquiao Claps Back at Floyd Mayweather on Twitter and Demands a Rematch

In the wee hours of Tuesday night, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao were not-so-quietly setting up the buzz for a potential rematch, as much as Money Mayweather pretends he doesn't want it.

The revenue to be made from pay-per-view subscriptions likely wouldn't surpass Mayweather-Pacquiao I, but when has either fighter ever left Benjamins on the table?

Pacman took offense to a Mayweather IG post on Tuesday in which the undefeated fighter stated he was done with boxing and helped make Pacquiao the legend he is today. The Filipino legend, fresh off a decision victory over Keith Thurman Saturday night, was predictably having none of this.

Mayweather did smear Pacquiao's name, and we can't help but think this is all a setup to build up hype for a rematch. Call us conspiracy theorists all you want, nothing in boxing--a sport built on promoting--happens at random. Nothing.

The original #MayPac set PPV records, but the fight was ultimately lacking for entertainment. Neither fighter went out of their way to play the role of aggressor, with Mayweather being his usual defensive self and winning via unanimous decision.

A rematch would likely pit Pacquiao with the initial advantage, especially since he's been dominant of late and has fought far more frequently. Given both of their advanced ages, most of the viewing public might think they want this fight, but they'd be overwhelmingly wrong.

Don't force-feed us. #MayPac2 should remain a 'what if.'