After skipping voluntary workouts this offseason, Philadelphia Eagles veteran safety Malcolm Jenkins has reportedly arrived for his team physical and will be in attendance for mandatory minicamp that begins on Tuesday.

Previous reports suggested he wasn't going to show, but it appears he's had a change of heart.

Jenkins has two years left on his deal with the Eagles, and after coming off a dynamite season where he tallied 97 tackles, an interception, 3 forced fumbles and a sack, you can understand why he wanted his contract restructured in a way that doesn't make him the ninth-highest paid safety in the NFL at $8.75 million a year.

The 31-year-old has been a Pro Bowler in three of the last four seasons, and one thing you can count on with Jenkins is his availability. The contract talks are ongoing with the Eagles, and the fact he's now planning to show up could suggest that something is in the works and could be done before the season.