Luke Kuechly Considering Joining Panthers as a Scout and He'd Be Perfect for the Job

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly
Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly | Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly shockingly walked away from football at the age of 28 despite seven Pro Bowls and five First-Team All-Pro selections in eight years, leaving a massive hole right in the center of the organization on the field.

Kuechly likely isn't going to stay away from the game, however, as he's considering taking a job with his old club as a scout.

Kuechly could be an NFL position coach or coordinator right now given his high football IQ, and those smarts should give him a leg up on the rest of the scouting community.

Marty Hurney has earned mixed reviews as Panthers GM, but the team is building something worthwhile with Matt Rhule as the coach, Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback, and a whole new defense consisting of 2020 draft picks. With Kuechly's uniquely comprehensive knowledge of the game, figuring out which players have traits that will shine at the next level should be a piece of cake for him, should he choose the front office over coaching or TV.

Players like John Elway, John Lynch, and Ozzie Newsome have become exceptional general managers after Hall of Fame pro careers, and Kuechly has the football smarts to become the next player to make that transition should he take this scouting job and keep moving upward.