VIDEO: Lotte Giants' Jeon Jun-woo Unleashes Excellent Bat Flip in Classic KBO Fashion

Jeon Jun-woo of the Lotte Giants flips his bat
Jeon Jun-woo of the Lotte Giants flips his bat /

Every day, KBO action pledges to give its newfound American fans at least one spectacular bat flip. Though not an official metric, the league delivers on most days, and Sunday's top flip honors go to Jeon Jun-woo of the Lotte Giants. Not expected to make too much noise this season, the resurgent Giants are right at the top of the league's standings with the surging NC Dinos, and they've channeled that mojo into flips like this.

That's how you sell a dinger!

If you aren't following KBO action (along with Dan Kurtz's excellent work with @MyKBO), we highly recommend it. Every day, there are histrionics and gestures worth noticing, as well as live sports, winners, and losers.

What more can we ask for in 2020?