Los Angeles Council to Vote on Resolution Urging MLB to Give 2017 and 2018 World Series Trophies to Dodgers

Where MLB hasn't been willing to go far enough, the Los Angeles City Council is ready to take the next step.

Rob Manfred has stated that MLB will not be vacating the Astros or Red Sox World Series titles despite the overwhelming evidence that they were able to achieve said accolades via questionable means. In both cases, the team impacted the most by the cheating of Boston and Houston was the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Three prominent members of the city council want what they believe is theirs.

“This is an equity and justice thing,” Cedillo said. “Who was the best team in 2017? Who was the best team in 2018? It was the Dodgers. They got beat by teams that were cheating. Do they need to be told that they shouldn’t have a title?” Councilman Gil Cedillo states.

Nonetheless, the odds of the city council accepting this crusade, or the MLB listening if it even gets that far, are slim.

Not to mention, this would be a rather silly arrangement. The Dodgers would be universally viewed, still, as second-best -- a team that did not truly earn their championship. In that sense, how are they any better than the Astros or Red Sox?