After 42 years as an NFL athletic trainer, Pepper Burruss is leaving Green Bay and calling it a quits on his long and successful NFL career.

42 years at one job is impressive enough, but keeping up with the countless demands and injuries that occur from a fast-moving game such as football for that amount of time is incredible.

The NFL is not only losing one of the most iconic trainers in any sport, but they are also losing perhaps the best name in the league as well. Burruss will leave the Packers after 26 seasons, and as he said, it will not be easy to leave a game that has been a part of his life for nearly half a century.

Green Bay always does a phenomenal job when it comes to appreciating and honoring those who have been a vital part of their organization, and they have done so again here, honoring the career of trainer Pepper Burruss.

We can't imagine on exactly how many technological levels the game has changed since Burruss first arrived in the medical tent, but we wish him well on his future, likely-less-stressful endeavors. He'll always have a home with the Pack.