Liverpool's EPL Title Proves How Ridiculous it is That Red Sox Ownership Didn't Want to Pay Mookie Betts

Liverpool FC owner John Henry
Liverpool FC owner John Henry / Michael Regan/Getty Images

It's not uncommon for Premier League teams to be owned by conglomerate companies that have a stake in several sports franchises across the globe, like how Fenway Sports Group owns both the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool or how Stan Kroenke manages both Arsenal and the Los Angeles Rams. If one team, for instance, wins a Premier League title, the arrangement could be mutually beneficial for teams like the Red Sox, as the ownership group will have a new influx of cash that can be used to buy elite players.

Despite the fact that Liverpool winning the league in the 2019-2020 season had been a virtual certainty that was finally confirmed yesterday, Red Sox owner John Henry still chose to trade away Mookie Betts in the name of cost-cutting.

You'd think if there was any year that Henry would splurge a bit and sign a few star players for the Red Sox, it would be a year in which his soccer team dominated England and took home a Premier League title. Instead, Henry is taking the Kroenke approach, sitting atop his hoard of plunder and doing nothing while requesting that anyone making $50,000 or more take a pay cut.

Being a cheapskate is bad enough, as is not putting the best possible product out on the field. Doing BOTH of those things despite receiving a massive boost in revenue, while crying poor all the way, is simply an embarrassment.

Henry can't have it both ways. When both your baseball and soccer teams are successful and profitable, you can't just sit on your hands and act like you can't afford to pay superstars like Betts.