Lions RB Kerryon Johnson Blasts Fan Account for Comparing His Offseason to D'Andre Swift's Based on Social Media

Detroit Lions RB Kerryon Johnson clapped back at a troll on Twitter
Detroit Lions RB Kerryon Johnson clapped back at a troll on Twitter

When the Detroit Lions used the No. 35 overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft on Georgia running back D'Andre Swift, fans were immediately forced to question how he'd fit alongside projected starter and former Auburn stud Kerryon Johnson.

As is often the case in these scenarios, one particular supporter jumped to a bizarre conclusion by stating that Swift is going to give Johnson a run for his money for the starting job. This opinion was based entirely on comparing the running back's recent social media activity.

As you can see, Swift hasn't let quarantine prevent him from getting in work with Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Johnson, on the other hand, recently posted a photo with what appears to be his significant other on a beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The 2018 second-round pick didn't take kindly to the suggestion that he wasn't grinding this offseason, and blasted the Lions fan account with a perfect reply.

Johnson went for the killshot, and it's fair to say that he nailed it. Not all athletes are built the same. Some like to keep a daily log of their offseason routines on social media, while others prefer to grind in silence.

That's no dig at Swift either. The former Bulldog should be commended for putting in the work with Stafford.

The truth of the matter here is that this fan account just equipped Johnson with more incentive to retain his post as Detroit's No. 1 tailback. Let this serve as a warning to all fans thinking about calling out a player whose social media feed isn't littered with workout clips.