Lions Fans Dress up as Clowns and Even Offer Money to Referees Before Game Against Vikings

So, let's check in on the Detroit Lions and their fanbase to see how they're doing after their heartbreaking, controversial robbery on Monday Night Football against the Green Bay Packers. Yeah...they're still taking this loss pretty hard.

A couple Lions fans continued their war against NFL officiating by dressing up in full clown regalia during Detroit's matchup against the division rival Minnesota Vikings.

The Lions were robbed of a win against Green Bay on Monday Night thanks to several incredibly poor calls from the referees, including two phantom penalties on Trey Flowers for hands to the face.

One Lions fan even went to the most extreme measure possible to try and ensure a Detroit victory, as he tried to slide the ref a couple of $20 bills.

The Lions are just one of the franchises that always seems to either trip over their own feet or have the rug pulled out from under them whenever they get momentum. The last two weeks have done little to change that stigma.