Lincoln Riley Offers Powerful Commitment Amidst Social Unrest

Lincoln Riley's take on the protests is extremely moving
Lincoln Riley's take on the protests is extremely moving /

Amid days of protests following the death of George Floyd, Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley came out with another eye-catching statement as he threw his support behind those fighting for justice.

Riley once again claimed he will always stand behind his players, adding that he is "committed to being part of the change" as he tries to find some way to combat police brutality.

Riley has not only declared that he himself needs to do his part to foster change, but he was one of the first coaches to preach safety over the need for football in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

Not only is Riley an offensive savant, but he has been a shining example of leadership that every Sooner can look up to, which is much more impactful than anything he'll do on the football field.

In the mass commercialization of college football, we often forget that head coaches who mold young men into leaders on the field and in their community are more "successful" than the coach who wins his conference every year. Sooner fans should be unbelievably proud they landed Riley as their head coach.