LeBron James Trolls His Haters Everywhere With Instagram of His Sick Dunk Against Kings

If you seriously thought LeBron James would show any signs of slowing down in his 17th season in the NBA, congratulations, you played yourself.

The King is off to a roaring start in 2019 and has propelled the Lakers to the summit of the Western Conference standings with a 10-2 record. As expected, his dominance continued on Friday night versus the Sacramento Kings, and it was all highlighted by a thunderous posterization over Nemanja Bjelica

As he tends to do these days, LBJ took to Instagram after the W to troll his haters with a savage caption on his dunk of the year candidate.

The closest thing we've seen to a dead body on the hardwood are the victims of a LeBron poster dunk, and we're relieved that Bjelica walked way unscathed from this massacre, even though his dignity is surely somewhere trapped inside the Staples Center.

For all of those who crave another look:

As James would say, SHEESH.

After last night's masterpiece -- 29 points and 11 assists on 50% shooting -- the kid from Akron is now averaging 24.3 points, 7.7 rebounds, and 11.1 assists per game while shooting 47.8% from the floor through 12 games.

Because he's LeBron, haters will continue to hate. But, if the early stages of 2019 have been indicative of anything, it's that he will continue to serve them up fresh dishes of crow, as he did with this post on Instagram.