LeBron James Rips NCAA on Twitter After it Changed Agent Rules Because of Rich Paul

LeBron James did not hold back on Twitter when the NCAA released their new representation rules, a set of speficially manicured guidelines that are clearly in place because of his agent and friend Rich Paul.

Don't worry; Bron remains unfazed, stating that "nothing" will stop "this movement."

In case there was any ambiguity, he followed it up with a simplistic banger.

The new NCAA agent policy of which LeBron speaks requires all prospective agents to have a Bachelor's Degree, be certified with the NBPA for a minimum of three years, and to take an in-person exam at the NCAA Office in Indianapolis. This is being called the "Rich Paul Rule" because the founder of Klutch Sports Group did not go to college, and appears to be specifically targeted by the legislation.

Missing his college degree has not hindered Paul's growth in talent acquisition, as he represents high-profile NBA clients like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons and Draymond Green, among others.

LeBron, along with several other athletes, finds it absurd for an agent to be required to go to college to be afforded this opportunity, especially since he didn't attend school himself. What matters is intellectual capacity and hard work, not some grades on a piece of paper.

It's safe to say that King James is not fond of this new regulation in the industry.