LeBron James Reveals Launch of 'More Than a Vote' Campaign

LeBron James is getting passionate about voting rights
LeBron James is getting passionate about voting rights / Getty Images/Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has made no bones about his desire to continue expanding his reach and influence beyond basketball. He's already tried entertainment and education given his production company and charter school, and now his next challenge is in the political arena.

James continued expanding his network of programs designed to foster social change by launching "More Than a Vote", which LBJ urged his Twitter followers to link up with in an effort to "join our fight against voter suppression."

More Than a Vote not only attacks systemic racism and voter suppression, but it also provides help with getting registered to vote, learning about their democratic rights, and exercising those rights.

James' movement has already received some high profile endorsements, as Kansas City Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes had partnered with James on this venture.

In a country where certain groups find it more difficult than it should be to exercise their democratic right to vote, James is trying to help hundreds across the country take part in the electoral process when in years past they would have had to sit it out.