LeBron James' Latest Instagram Story Should Have Lakers Fans Beyond Amped

Los Angeles Lakers fans finally have something to look forward to after the comedy of errors that was their nightmarish 2018-19 season. LeBron James had Luke Walton and the Lakers as the No. 4 seed in the West heading into Christmas, but his groin injury sent the Lakers flying off the rails, ending with an 10th place finish in the West. Now fully healthy and with fellow Klutch Sports client Anthony Davis days away from being introduced as a Laker, James is ready to rock in his 17th season.

LeBron has officially proclaimed today the beginning of "Comeback SZN."

Despite a lackluster roster, some bad contracts, and a power structure more akin to a soap opera than an NBA front office, James and the Lakers managed to finally pull off a Davis trade and have their eyes set on another big free agent.

Vegas even has them as the favorites to win the title this year. That is, if LeBron can keep his groin intact.

The Lakers have been going through one of the worst stretches in franchise history, having not made the playoffs since 2012-13. If everyone gets along and stays healthy, that dubious streak should be snapped this year.