3 Incredible Plays We Can't Believe LeBron James Made vs Pacers

LeBron James
Even in a loss, LeBron James made some incredible plays against the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday. | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

LeBron James has become the undisputed anomaly of the NBA. By getting older, James is actually getting better, instead of declining like the other mere mortals before him.

Even though the Los Angeles Lakers lost 105-102 to the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night, James made three incredible plays that simply can't be ignored.

Prepare to be amazed.

3. Contested Floater

While LeBron James can dunk and shoot proficiently, there's nothing more lethal than his layup. The Pacers learned that the hard way. James got a full head of steam towards the paint. Even with Malcolm Brogdon and Domantas Sabonis on defense, James floated the ball off his finger tips and it hit nothing but net.

2. No Look to Javale McGee

LeBron James uses his 6-8, 250-pound frame to his advantage, to the surprise of no one. On Tuesday, he made a victim of Pacers guard Malcom Brogdon. After pushing him a couple of feet backwards, James unleashed a no-look pass to Javale McGee, who successfully converted on a contested layup.

1. No-Look, Behind-the-Back Pass to Dwight Howard

This play is just a thing of beauty. With the ball in his hand, James forced his way into the paint, but was met by Myles Turner and Justin Holiday. LeBron proceeded to fake a layup attempt, until he made a pass from BEHIND HIS BACK to hit Dwight Howard for the slam dunk. Just ridiculous, and slow-motion makes it look even more impressive.