4 LeBron James-Dwyane Wade Connections We'll Never Forget

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade
LeBron James and Dwyane Wade exchanging jerseys in their last matchup against each other | Harry How/Getty Images

Although the current NBA is littered with dynamic duos, no other pair had better chemistry during their time as teammates like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. The alley-oops, the championships, the postgame interviews and everything else in between is what made the self-proclaimed “Peanut Butter and Jelly” so special. Here are a few of their best moments.

4. James' No-Look to Wade Behind the Back in Cleveland

Wade’s time in Cleveland is definitely a moment that NBA fans would like to forget, but the behind the back pass from James to his cohort against Orlando was priceless. In slow motion, you can see the wide smile on Wade’s face as he was already on the same wavelength as James for the easy layup. The two did not create a lot of magic together in The Land, but this was a great moment.

3. Christmas 2013 Against the Lakers

When these two were out on the fast break together, fans always expected a show. Christmas Day 2013 in Staples Center against the Lakers was no different. Wade threw a no-look alley-oop to James for a thunderous slam in the first quarter. In the second, Wade threw a pass of the backboard which James caught with his left hand. Even in opposing arenas, crowds enjoyed Miami’s version of showtime.

2. "The Photo"

The common misconception surrounding the play that turned into one of the most iconic photos of all time is that Wade threw another oop to LeBron. Instead, it was a simple bounce pass in the first quarter of a game against the Bucks. At the time, basketball fans hated the duo as they had just linked up in Miami. 10 years later, it is now one of the greatest snapshots in NBA history.

1. 2019 All-Star Game (The Last Wade-to-James Connection)

In Wade’s last All-Star Game in 2019, the two tried to recreate the original photo from 2010. The duo got its chance to do so, but it had a little more sentiment to it since Wade decided to look back at James’ dunk off the alley-oop. In Miami, the two knew they would have so many more moments like the night in Milwaukee. Nine years later, Wade looked back to appreciate their greatness.