VIDEO: LeBron James Has Hilarious Reaction to Seeing Bronny's Overgrown Hair in Quarantine

Bronny James funny haircut
Bronny James funny haircut

LeBron is a man of the people, and even he should understand it's tough to maintain our normal looks under the current circumstances. COVID-19 has forced us all indoors for the foreseeable future, meaning I (along with the rest of you) don't have access to your go-to barber shop. While I wait for the inevitability of going full caveman, it looks like Bronny's going for the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' approach.

Thankfully, LeBron isn't like the rest of us, and likely has a barber on speed dial.

While we can joke all we want about ESPN's infatuation with all things LeBron James lately, we can't necessarily blame them. There are zero sports on right now, and we can only discuss NFL Free Agency for so long. Trust me: Bronny James' hair is top-5 in most exciting sports news on Monday. That's just the state of things.

Please come back soon, sports. We miss you.