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Leaked Photos Show Nike Swoosh Will Appear on Yankees Jerseys as New Deal Becomes Official

Avert your eyes, baseball traditionalists! Even the mighty New York Yankees, who haven't changed their uniforms much since the Hoover administration, are going to undergo a noticeable facelift starting next season.

Nike reached a deal with Major League Baseball several years ago to replace Majestic as the preferred brand of on-field jersey following the 2019 season. This means that Nike's trademark swoosh is going to be plastered right on the front of every jersey across the league, and those will release on Saturday.

They could have easily put it on the side of the jersey to make it look much less invasive, but that would make too much sense.

After delaying and canceling an agreement with Under Armour to take over jersey responsibilities, the league partnered with Nike, who is planning to eventually release their own jersey template that should end up in rotation by 2022.

It's certainly noticeable and might look better on the sleeve, but our eyes have gradually been able to look at NBA and NFL jerseys without seeing the swoosh, so it's not a super egregious sin, albeit pretty shocking at first glance.