Latest Zion Williamson Injury Rehab Update Makes You Worry About His Long-Term Future

Zion Williamson
New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson | Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

When Zion Williamson infamously busted through his shoe during a game with Duke last season, many began to question whether or not Williamson's playing style would be sustainable in the NBA. While Williamson only suffered a minor injury from this particular incident, concerns about his durability have persisted as the rookie has yet to play in a regular-season game due to a meniscus injury.

At 6-foot-6 and 284 pounds, there has never been a player quite like Williamson in the NBA, combining pure athleticism with a massive frame. With his potential to be a generational talent, the Pelicans are now looking to teach Williamson a more sustainable style of play to prevent any further injuries.

Wait, what? Zion is being taught how to walk and run differently?

With the former No. 1 overall pick currently sidelined indefinitely, the employment of this strategy certainly doesn't sound like the Pelicans are optimistic about his long-term health. And even if they are, this means Williamson is going to have to change a lot regarding his game.

It's not like this will be an overnight change, either. Williamson is now at the highest level of basketball and is being asked to change very rudimentary aspects of his everyday life.

If the team insists on having Williamson play without the raw power and explosiveness that has become his signature game, they're going to lose a lot of what makes him unique. Not only that, but it'll likely take time for him to further develop his game around his new walking/running style.