Upon landing in Boston to undergo further treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital, David Ortiz underwent another surgical procedure late Monday night.

Visitation was reportedly restricted for the next 24-to-48 hours to give the 10-time All-Star additional time to recover, and the latest report suggests that Ortiz has taken a small step in the right direction in his healing process.

Per national baseball writer and reporter for ESPN Marly Rivera, a source close to the scene has revealed that Big Papi has been able to sparingly talk to family members on Tuesday, and has taken a few steps as well.

We don't declare Ortiz out of the woods yet as he still remains in intensive care, but to hear that he is alert and has spoken to family is tremendous news. His wife, Tiffany, even revealed that the three-time World Series champ has sparkled a few of his renowned smiles throughout the day.

In a devastating time like this, Ortiz flashing a smile and talking to family members is about as good as the news could get.

He will remain closely monitored by Mass General over the next 48 hours, during which time we assume he'll grow stronger, but from a distance, we can only hope that more positive updates come our way.