Last Chance U Reveals Featured College for Season 5

Netflix original documentary series "Last Chance U" has grown in popularity with each passing season. Of course, the show zeroes in on college athletes that have struggled to keep themselves out of trouble, and are thereby forced to take the junior collegiate track in hopes of rejuvenating their fledgling careers.

East Mississippi Community College and Independence Community College in Kansas have been the two featured schools during the program's first four seasons. However, a new institution will be the topic of discussion for the upcoming fifth season: Laney College in Oakland, California

What is Laney College?

Founded in 1953, Laney College is a public community college with an enrollment of over 16,000 students. Among their alumni is Lions running back CJ Anderson, who eventually trasnferred to Cal before turning pro. This past campaign, the Laney Eagles ranked as the No.1 junior college football program nationally.

The rankings even showed that the college outperformed a plethora of Division I teams in the NCAA, including New Mexico State, Columbia, Georgia State, and Villanova. For the year, the Eagles finished 11-2 and took home the California Community College Athletic Association State Football Championship.

Where is Laney College Located?

Laney is situated just east of downtown Oakland, and is a short walk from Lake Merritt. They play their games at Laney College Football Stadium.

If those stats don't get fans hyped, we don't know what will. The new season appears destined to deliver the goods that the first four impressively boasted.