Lane Kiffin Gets Fined by NCAA After Criticizing Refs in Hilarious Tweet

FAU college football coach Lane Kiffin is known for having no filter, especially when it comes to many of his tweets.

One of his latest social media efforts came with some ramifications, as the Conference USA fined him $5,000 for violating the league's sportsmanship policy after he tweeted out an image of blind referees using guide dogs.

I'm sure Kiffin will parlay this incident into another opportunity to tweet something funny, even if he finds himself in more hot water.

Kiffin's had a questionable history with his tweets, including the time where he tweeted about rooting for Auburn's basketball team so that they wouldn't ruin his March Madness bracket. This was tweeted by Kiffin even though he's a former OC for Alabama.

That goes to show just how little he cares about how others perceive him and his thoughts. He might be numb to the criticism now, especially after his tumultuous coaching history which included him getting fired midway through a bus ride at USC.

Here's to more Lane Kiffin tweets and fines. Maybe he can spark FAU to a better record than their current mark of 4-3.