Lamar Jackson was 1 vote away from being the unanimous MVP

Jackson received 40-of-50 MVP votes
13th Annual NFL Honors - Portraits
13th Annual NFL Honors - Portraits / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

It was almost a dream season for Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. The star signal-caller powered Baltimore to an unreal regular season, leading to them earning the No. 1 seed in the AFC. Unfortunately, Lamar and Co. lost to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.

Despite that, it doesn't take away from how special Jackson looked from start to finish this campaign. That's why it was no surprise he was named the 2023 NFL MVP. However, he was one vote short of making it a unanimous decision, with Josh Allen somehow landing a vote.

No disrespect to Allen, but who in the heck voted for him? It was beyond clear that Jackson was the best player in the NFL in 2023. Hey, he didn't get all 50 votes, but we are happy he was the runaway winner of the MVP honor. There's no question he deserved it.