Lakers' Senior Employees Taking Pay Cut to Help Staff With Lower Income is the Perfect Move

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
Staples Center | Harry How/Getty Images

We can only hope other NBA organizations follow the Los Angeles Lakers' lead here.

According to reports, the Lakers will be asking some of their senior personnel to voluntarily defer 20% of their salaries in order to help pay employees who make less. We've seen layoffs in just about every industry in the United States, but this proactive decision will help put a halt to leaving people without jobs.

This gesture is right in stride with other owners paying arena employees as if the season were still going on as well as players donating thousands of dollars to support those who lost their jobs or assist ownership in paying those who would've otherwise been fired due to the season being on hold.

The coronavirus pandemic has has a leveling effect on sports, with all major leagues being forced to stop with no solid restart date in sight. In fact, the NBA may not return at all in 2020.

By simply deferring a small portion of their salaries, higher ups can support thousands of Americans who would otherwise have nothing else to fall back on. As the NBA continues to discuss future options with the federal government, the league must do everything it can to protect its workers. Without them, the league literally could not function.

The NBA has been pushing solidarity in this tough time with the "NBA Together" campaign, but if the league really want to makes a difference, the wealthiest employees need to continue with these gestures to support those who are less fortunate.