Lakers really want Doc Rivers as new head coach

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Six
Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Six / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Doc Rivers is still head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, but the Los Angeles Lakers are hoping that changes this summer. Per a report, LA wants Rivers and they really want him bad.

There's hope from the LA side that Rivers will be available to hire at some point in the next few months, but for now, he's still in Philly. Is that going to change down the road?

Rivers is a fantastic coach and it looks like LeBron James wants to play for him too. This would be a massive hire for the Lake Show, but first, Rivers needs to part ways with Philly. Who knows how this will play out, but LA will be ready to sign him if Philly decides to move in a different direction.