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Lakers' Kyle Kuzma Sends Social Media Into a Frenzy With Latest Tweet

Whatever's going on out in Los Angeles, it's got Kyle Kuzma's attention.

Amidst an offseason full of change, the young Los Angeles Lakers star whipped social media into a frenzy with a tweet that only contained eye emojis.

Either something major has happened, or he just really wanted to mess around with a bunch of NBA fans who are on high alert for any major news as the offseason gets started.

Kuzma event went so far as to quote tweet his string of emojis with even more eyes. You know, just in case he didn't have everyone's attention with the first tweet.

The Lakers, of course, swung a blockbuster deal to acquire Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans last week, and additional reports have indicated that they might have a few more tricks up their sleeve.

Al Horford's name has popped up as a possible addition shortly after it was reported the veteran center and five-time All-Star will head into free agency.

Perhaps he knows something that's yet to be revealed, or maybe he really just wants to see how crazy the fans will get to know about something that isn't there.