Rams' Newest Concession Item is Just a Freaking Gigantic Meatball

With the NFL's popularity continually all-consuming and unavoidable with each passing season, various stadiums around the league are capitalizing on the frenzy of consumption by offering new food items at their venues to set themselves apart from the competition.

Well, the Los Angeles Rams have recently debuted a new signature dish, and it's not really all that imagininative. It's literally a gargantuan meatball. For those wondering what the price tag is for such a delight, it's JUST a meager $20, per Darren Rovell.

Forget nachos, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken tenders -- typically the most truied and true treats most venues have to offer -- the LA Memorial Coliseum is now presenting fans the opportunity to go to town on a hefty ball of meat that's almost as big as a paper plate. As you can see, it's served bursting out of the confines of some crusty sourdough bread.

We don't even want to know what dish would weigh if thrown on a scale, and it's not preposterous to think that the likes of Todd Gurley, Jared Goff, Brandin Cooks, Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald -- okay, maybe not Donald, he's already the largest human on earth -- would see some serious gains if they just curled the "Mega Meatball" for hours on end.

It's also not outlandish to presume that the new item will be a major hit. Let's not forget that football fans are as crazy as they come.